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CD4000 SMD CMOS Logic Series - Cross-Reference Table

Technical Data

4000 CMOS SMD Cross-Reference Guide

Part No. Package Fairchild Motorola National ON Semi Philips ST TI Toshiba Datasheet
CD4001SMD SOIC14 CD4001BCM MC14001BD CD4001CM MC14001BD HEF4001BT HCF4001BM1 CD4001BM TC4001BF Datasheet
CD4007SMD SOIC14 CD4007CM MC14007UBD CD4007CM MC14007UBD   HCF4007UBM   TC4007UBF Datasheet
CD4011SMD SOIC14 CD4011BCM MC14011BD   MC14011BD HEF4011BT HCF4011BM1   TC4011BF Datasheet
CD4013SMD SOIC14 CD4013BCM MC14013BD CD4013BCM MC14013BD HCF4013BM1 CD4013BM TC4013BF Datasheet
CD4016SMD SOIC14 CD4016BCM MC14016BD   MC14016BD HEF4016BT     TC4016BF Datasheet
CD4017SMD SOIC16 CD4017BCM MC14017BD   MC14017BD HEF4017BT     TC4017BF Datasheet
CD4020SMD SOIC16 CD4020BCM MC14020BD   MC14020BD HEF4020BT HCF4020BM1   TC4020BF Datasheet
CD4023SMD SOIC14 CD4023BCM MC14023BD   MC14023BD   HCF4023BM1   TC4023BF Datasheet
CD4027SMD SOIC16   MC14027BD   MC14027BD HEF4027BT HCF4027BM1   TC4027BF Datasheet
CD4029SMD SOIC16   MC14029BD   MC14029BD HEF4029BT     TC4029BF Datasheet
CD4040SMD SOIC16 CD4040BCM MC14040BD   MC14040BD HEF4040BT HCF4040BM1   TC4040BF Datasheet
CD4049SMD SOIC16 CD4049UBCM MC14049UBD   MC14049UBD HEF4049BT HCF4049UBM1 CD4049UBDW TC4049BF Datasheet
CD4050SMD SOIC16 CD4050BCM MC14050BD   MC14050BD HEF4050BT     TC4050BF Datasheet
CD4051SMD SOIC16 CD4051BCM MC14051BD   MC14051BD HEF4051BT HCF4051BM1 CD4051BM TC4051BF Datasheet
CD4052SMD SOIC16 CD4052BCM MC14052BD   MC14052BD HEF4052BT HCF4052BM1   TC4052BF Datasheet
CD4053SMD SOIC16 CD4053BCM MC14053BD   MC14053BD HEF4053BT HCF4053BM1   TC4053BF Datasheet
CD4066SMD SOIC14 CD4066BCM MC14066BD   MC14066BD HEF4066BT HCF4066BM1   TC4066BF Datasheet
CD4069SMD SOIC14 CD4069UBCM MC14069UBD   MC14069UBD HEF4069UBT HCF4069UBM1   TC4069UBF Datasheet
CD4070SMD SOIC14 CD4070BCM MC14070BD   MC14070BD HEF4070BT       Datasheet
CD4071SMD SOIC14 CD4071BCM MC14071BD   MC14071BD HEF4071BT HCF4071BM1   TC4071BF Datasheet
CD4081SMD SOIC14 CD4081BCM MC4081BD   MC4081BD HEF4081BT HCF4081BM1 CD4081BM TC4081BF Datasheet
CD4093SMD SOIC14 CD4093BCM MC14093BD   MC14093BD HEF4093BT HCF4093BM1 CD4093BM TC4093BF Datasheet
CD40106SMD SOIC14 CD40106BCM           CD40106BM   Datasheet
CD4511SMD SOIC16 CD4511BCM             TC4511BF Datasheet
CD4538SMD SOIC16 CD4538BCM MC14538BD   MC14538BD HEF4538BT     TC4538BF Datasheet
CD4543SMD SOIC16   MC14543BD   MC14543BD HEF4543BT   CD4543BM    
CD4584SMD SOIC14   MC14584BD   MC14584BD       TC4584BF Datasheet

* The information appearing here is for a guide only and actual technical specifications may vary slightly between the different manufacturers, please consult the full datasheet.