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CD4000 CMOS Logic Series - Cross-Reference Table

Technical Data

4000 CMOS Series Cross-Reference Guide

Part No. Package Fairchild Intersil Motorola / ON National Philips ST TI Toshiba Datasheet
CD4001 PDIP14 CD4001BCN CD4001B MC14001B CD4001CN HEF4001BP HCF4001B CD4001BE TC4001BP Datasheet
CD4002 PDIP14   CD4002BE MC14002BCP CD4002CN HEF4002BP HCF4002BEY CD4002BE TC4002BP Datasheet
CD4006 PDIP14   CD4006BE MC14006B CD4006BCN   HCF4006BEY CD4006BE TC4006BP Datasheet
CD4007 PDIP14 CD4007CN CD4007UBE MC14007UBCP CD4007CN HEF4007UBP HCF4007UBEY CD4007UBE TC4007UBP Datasheet
CD4009 PDIP16 CD4009CN CD4009UBE   CD4009CN   HCF4009UBEY CD4009UBE TC4009UBP Datasheet
CD4011 PDIP14 CD4011BCN CD4011BE MC14011BCP CD4011BCN HEF4011BEY HCF4011BEY CD4011BE TC4011BP Datasheet
CD4012 PDIP14   CD4012BE MC14012BCP CD4012BCN HEF4012BP HCF4012BEY CD4012BE TC4012BP Datasheet
CD4013 PDIP14 CD4013BCN CD4013BE MC14013BCP CD4013BCN HEF4013BP HCF4013BEY CD4013BE TC4013BP Datasheet
CD4015 PDIP16 CD4015BCN CD4015BE MC14015BCP CD4015BCN HEF4015BP HCF4015BEY CD4015BE TC4015BP Datasheet
CD4016 PDIP14 CD4016BCN CD4016BE MC14016BCP CD4016CN HEF4016BP HCF4016BEY CD4016BE TC4016BP Datasheet
CD4017 PDIP16 CD4017BCN CD4017BE MC14017BCP CD4017BCN HEF4017BP HCF4017BEY CD4017BE TC4017BP Datasheet
CD4018 PDIP16   CD4018BE MC14018BCP CD4018BCN HEF4018BP HCF4018BEY CD4018BE TC4018BP  
CD4020 PDIP16 CD4020BCN   MC14020BCP CD4020BCN HEF4020BP HCF4020BEY CD4020BE TC4020BP Datasheet
CD4021 PDIP16 CD4021BCN CD4021BE MC14021BCP CD4021BCN HEF4021BP HCF4021BEY CD4021BE TC4021BP Datasheet
CD4022 PDIP16 CD4022BCN CD4022BE MC14022BCP CD4022BCN   HCF4022BEY CD4022BE TC4022BP Datasheet
CD4023 PDIP14 CD4023BCN CD4023BE MC14023BCP CD4023BCN HEF4023BP HCF4023BEY CD4023BE TC4023BP Datasheet
CD4024 PDIP14 CD4024BCN CD4024BE MC14024BCP CD4024BCN HEF4024BP HCF4024BEY CD4024BE TC4024BP Datasheet
CD4025 PDIP14   CD4025BE MC14025BCP CD4025BCN HEF4025BP HCF4025BEY CD4025BE TC4025BP Datasheet
CD4026 PDIP16   CD4026BE       HCF4026BEY CD4026BE    
CD4027 PDIP16 CD4027BCN CD4027BE MC14027BCP CD4027BCN HEF4027BP HCF4027BEY CD4027BE TC4027BP Datasheet
CD4028 PDIP16 CD4028BCN CD4028BE MC14028BCP CD4028BCN HEF4028BP HCF4028BEY CD4028BE TC4028BP Datasheet
CD4029 PDIP16 CD4029BCN CD4029BE MC14029BCP CD4029BCN HEF4029BP HCF4029BEY CD4029BE TC4029BP Datasheet
CD4030 PDIP14 CD4030CN CD4030BE   CD4030CN HEF4030BP HCF4030BEY CD4030BE TC4030BP Datasheet
CD4033 PDIP16   CD4033BE       HCF4033BEY CD4033BE   Datasheet
CD4034 PDIP24   CD4034BE   CD4034BCN       TC4034BP Datasheet
CD4040 PDIP16 CD4040BCN   MC14040BCP   HEF4040BP HCF4040BEY CD4040BE TC4040BP Datasheet
CD4042 PDIP16     MC14042BCP CD4042CN HEF4042BP HCF4042BEY CD4042BE TC4042BP Datasheet
CD4043 PDIP16 CD4043BCN CD4043BE MC14043BCP CD4043BCN HEF4043BP HCF4043BEY CD4043BE TC4043BP Datasheet
CD4044 PDIP16 CD4044BCN CD4044BE MC14044BCP CD4044BCN HEF4044BP HCF4044BEY CD4044BE TC4044BP Datasheet
CD4046 PDIP16 CD4046BCN CD4046BE MC14046BCPG CD4046BCN HEF4046BPN HCF4046BEY CD4046BE   Datasheet
CD4047 PDIP14 CD4047BCN CD4047BE   CD4047BCN HEF4047BPN HCF4047BEY CD4047BE TC4047BP Datasheet
CD4049 PDIP16 CD4049UBCN CD4049UBE MC14049BCP CD4049UBCN HEF4049BP HCF4049UBE CD4049UBE TC4049BP Datasheet
CD4050 PDIP16 CD4050BCN CD4050BE MC14050BCPG CD4050BCN HEF4050BPN HCF4050BEY CD4050BE TC4050BP Datasheet
CD4051 PDIP16 CD4051BCN CD4051BE MC14051BCP CD4051BCN HEF4051BPN HCF4051BEY CD4051BE TC4051BP Datasheet
CD4052 PDIP16 CD4052BCN CD4052BE MC14052BCP CD4052BCN   HCF4052BEY CD40542E TC4052BP Datasheet
CD4053 PDIP16 CD4053BCN CD4053BE MC14053BCP CD4053BCN HEF4053BP HCF4053BEY CD4053BE TC4053BP Datasheet
CD4054 PDIP16   CD4054BE       HCF4054BEY CD4054BE TC4054BP  
CD4056 PDIP16   CD4056BE       HCF4056BEY CD4056BE TC4056BP  
CD4059 PDIP24   CD4059AEX     HEF4059BPN        
CD4060 PDIP16 CD4060BCN CD4060BE MC14060BCP CD4060BCN HEF4060BP HCF4060BEY CD4060BE   Datasheet
CD4063 PDIP16   CD4063BE       HCF4063BEY CD4063BE TC4063BP Datasheet
CD4066 PDIP14 CD4066BCN CD4066BE MC14066BCP CD4066BCN HEF4066BPN HCF4066BEY CD4066BE TC4066BP Datasheet
CD4067 PDIP24   CD4067BE MC14067BCP            
CD4068 PDIP14   CD4068BE MC14068BCP   HEF4068BPN   CD4068BE TC4068BP  
CD4069 PDIP14 CD4069UBCN CD4069UBE MC14069UBCP CD4069CN HEF4069UBPN HCF4069UBEY CD4069UBE TC4069UBP Datasheet
CD4070 PDIP14 CD4070BCN CD4070BE   CD4070BCN HEF4070BPN HCF4070BEY CD4070BE   Datasheet
CD4071 PDIP14   CD4071BE MC14071BCP CD4071BCN   HCF4071BEY CD4071BE TC4071BP Datasheet
CD4072 PDIP14   CD4072BE   CD4072BCN HEF4072BP HCF4072BEY CD4072BE TC4072BP Datasheet
CD4073 PDIP14   CD4073BE MC14073BCP CD4073BCN   HCF4073BEY CD4073BE TC4073BP Datasheet
CD4075 PDIP14   CD4075BE   CD4075BCN HEF4075BP HCF4075BEY CD4075BE TC4075BP Datasheet
CD4077 PDIP14   CD4077BE MC14077BCP   HEF4077BP HCF4077BEY CD4077BE TC4077BP Datasheet
CD4078 PDIP14   CD4078BE     HEF4078BP HCF4078BEY CD4078BE TC4078BP  
CD4081 PDIP14 CD4081BCN   MC14081BCP   HEF4081BP HCF4081BEY CD4081BE TC4081BP Datasheet
CD4082 PDIP14     MC14082BCP   HEF4082BP HCF4082BEY CD4082BE TC4082BP Datasheet
CD4086 PDIP14         HEF4086BP   CD4086BE TC4086BP Datasheet
CD4093 PDIP14 CD4093BCN   MC14093BCP   HEF4093BP   CD4093BE TC4093BP Datasheet
CD4094 PDIP16 CD4094BCN   MC14094BCP   HEF4094BP HCF4094BEY CD4094BE TC4094BP Datasheet
CD4098 PDIP16             CD4098BE   Datasheet
CD4099 PDIP16 CD4099BCN CD4099BE MC14099BCP CD4099BCN   HCF4099BEY CD4099BE TC4099BP Datasheet
CD40106 PDIP14 CD40106BCN CD40106BE   CD40106BCN HEF40106BP HCF40106BEY CD40106BE   Datasheet
CD40109 PDIP16   CD40109BE       HCF40109BEY CD40109BE   Datasheet
CD40110 PDIP16   CD40110BE       HCF40110BEY CD40110BE    
CD40193 PDIP16 CD40193BCN CD40193BE   CD40193BCN   HCF40193BEY CD40193BE TC40193BP Datasheet
CD4502 PDIP16   CD4502BE     HEF4502BP HCF4502BEY CD4502BE TC4502BP  
CD4503 PDIP16 CD4503BCN CD4503BE MC14503BCP CD4503BCN   HCF4503BEY CD4503BE TC4503BP Datasheet
CD4504 PDIP16   CD4504BE MC14504BCP       CD4504BE   Datasheet
CD4510 PDIP16   CD4510BE   CD4510BCN   HCF4510BEY CD4510BE TC4510BP  
CD4511 PDIP16 CD4511BCN CD4511BE MC14511BCP CD4511BCN HEF4511BP HCF4511BEY CD4511BE TC4511BP Datasheet
CD4512 PDIP16 CD4512BCN CD4512BE MC14512BCP CD4512BCN HEF4512BP HCF4512BEY CD4512BE TC4512BP Datasheet
CD4514 PDIP24 CD4514BCN CD4514BE MC14514BCP CD4514BCN HEF4514BP HCF4515BEY   TC4514BP Datasheet
CD4515 PDIP24 CD4515BCN CD4515BE MC14515BCP CD4515BCN       TC4515BP Datasheet
CD4516 PDIP16   CD4516BE MC14516BCP CD4516BCN HEF4516BP HCF4516BEY CD4516BE TC4516BP  
CD4518 PDIP16   CD4518BE MC14518BCP CD4518BCN HEF4518BP HCF4518BEY CD4518BE TC4518BP  
CD4520 PDIP16   CD4520BE MC14520BCP CD4520BCN   HCF4520BEY CD4520BE TC4520BP  
CD4521 PDIP16   CD4521BE MC14521BCP   HEF4521BP HCF4521BEY CD4521BE TC4521BP  
CD4522 PDIP16   CD4522BE MC14522BCP CD4522BCN HEF4522BP HCF4522BM CD4522BE TC4522BP  
CD4526 PDIP16     MC14526BCP CD4526BCN HEF4526BP     TC4526BP Datasheet
CD4527 PDIP16   CD4527BE   CD4527BCN   HCF4527BEY CD4527BE TC4527BP Datasheet
CD4528 PDIP16 CD4528BCN   MC14528BCP CD4528BCN HEF4528BP     TC4528BP Datasheet
CD4532 PDIP16   CD4532BE MC14532BCP   HEF4532BP HCF4532BEY CD4532BE TC4532BP  
CD4536 PDIP16   CD4536BE       HCF4536BEY CD4536BE    
CD4538 PDIP16 CD4538BCN CD4538BE MC14538BCP CD4538BCN HEF4538BP HCF4538BEY   TC4538BP Datasheet
CD4541 PDIP14 CD4541BCN CD4541BE MC14541BCP CD4541BCN HEF4541BP HCF4541BEY CD4541BE   Datasheet
CD4543 PDIP16   CD4543BE MC14543BCP CD4543BCN HEF4543BP HCF4543BEY CD4543BE TC4543BP  
CD4553 PDIP16     MC14553BCP           Datasheet
CD4555 PDIP16   CD4555E MC14555BCP   HEF4555BP HCF4555BEY CD4555BE TC4555BP Datasheet
CD4556 PDIP16   CD4556BE MC14556BCP   HEF4556BP HCF4556BEY CD4556BE TC4556BP Datasheet
CD4572 PDIP16   CD4572UBE MC14572UBCP       CD4572UBE TC4572BP  
CD4584 PDIP14 CD4584BCN   MC14584BCP CD4584BCM       TC4584BP Datasheet
CD4585 PDIP16   CD4585E MC4585BCP   HEF4585BP HCF4585BEY CD4585BE TC4585BP Datasheet

* The information appearing here is for a guide only and actual technical specifications may vary slightly between the different manufacturers, please consult the full datasheet.