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The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

by Simon Monk

The new Tab practical Arduino Project book introduces a number of more advanced projects than the Evil Genius books. These projects are fun to build and provide some very interesting applications for practical use and dedicated applications. Each project includes the parts list and programming code, together with a guide to the difficulty level and approximate cost of the project. Plenty of pictures and illustrations, ensure the projects can be completed easily and with a minimum or Arduino knowledge.

Build a wide range of different projects utilizing the various features of the Arduino board. All of these projects can be used to further your knowledge in Arduino technology as well as a platform for combining the various functions of your Arduino board to make larger more complex projects. Projects include a popular LED Cube, RFID Door Lock, Laser Alarm, FM Radio Receiver, Theramin Instrument, Network controlled Switch, Email Notifier, LED Matrix Clock, GPS Location Display, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, Temperature-Light Logger and Much More.

The book is a great addition to your Arduino library, providing many exciting easy to build projects. The projects can easily be incorporated in more extensive systems and are a great way to expand your Arduino application knowledge.



  • 36 Easy to Build Projects for Music, Security, Internet and Home
  • Full Code and Parts Lists Included
  • Step by Step Guide to Building the Projects with Heaps of Useful Information
  • Build a RFID Door Lock, LED Clock, Person Counter, GPS Unit, Network Controlled Switch and Much More
  • 361 Pages - Softcover

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