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Silicon Chip September 2012

In this month's September issue of Silicon Chip Magazine, the much improved Colour Maximite Microcomputer, this unit is based on the high performance 32-bit Microchip PIC32MX695 Microcontroller and supports a huge number of I/O points and interfacing capabilities. This new Maximite has a Colour VGA Output supporting 480x432 displays, with a standard computer keyboard for input, a stereo audio synthesiser for music, battery back-up, Arduino compatible connector with 20 I/O points, SD Card, USB Connector and much more. This unit can easily be programmed using Basic and is ideal for use as a complete system controller or building a powerful development platform.

Also this month, build a Barking Dog Silencer, a USB Test Instrument Interface for creating a 2-Channel Scope, Spectrum Analyser, Frequency Counter and Signal Generator on your PC. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list. This month's features, review the new Virtins Technology Multi-Instrument for turning your PC into a 2-Channel Audio Scope, as well as a look at the new iModela 3-Axis CNC Router, perfect for hobbyists.

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  • Electronex: The Latest Smart Electronics
  • Review: Virtins Technology Multi-Instrument 3.2
  • The HSRA's 30th Birthday
  • Review: iModela 3-Axis CNC Router


  • Colour Maximite Microcomputer, Part 1
  • Barking Dog Blaster
  • USB Test Instrument Interface for PC's
  • Digital Sound Effects Generator

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