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Silicon Chip October 2012

The October issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, features a new Musicolour Display Unit suitable for LED's. The unit can drive 16 strings of LED's, in tune to the music, producing a very attractive music controlled display. Each string of LED's is set to a certain frequency band and will light with sounds in that frequency, the brightness is also adjusted depending on the strength of the sound within that frequency. The result is a very attractive display suitable for light shows and discos. The unit features a high performance DSP combined with an SD card for storing and playback of WAV files. Also this month the second part of the exciting new Colour Maximite Minicomputer project, with construction details and set-up instructions. Other projects this month include a Reverse Loop Controller for DCC Model Railways and a Cat Deterrent to drive away pesky cat's. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

This month's articles include a look at remote controlled aircraft, these aircraft use electric power and provide greater maneuverability and are increasingly popular in model aerobatic competitions. Also this month a look at the new HAARP facility, this center studies the ionosphere and it's effect on radio and satellite communications.

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  • Electric Remote Piloted Aircraft
  • HAARP: Researching the Ionosphere
  • Review: Micronix MSA438 3.3GHz Spectrum Analyser


  • LED Musicolor: Light up your Music, Part 1
  • Colour Maximite Microcomputer, Part 2
  • Reverse Loop Controller for DCC Model Railways
  • The Nick-Off Bad Cat Deterrent
  • Wireless Remote Control for the Barking Dog Blaster

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