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Silicon Chip June 2012

The June Issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine is still available, with a wealth of interesting articles and projects, this magazine is ideal for the electronics enthusiast. This month's articles, include a look at the new Microcontrollers available, including the ARM, PIC and Texas Instruments types, also a great Microcontroller Glossary of all the essential acronyms. Also this month, a look at the new WiNRADIO Excalibur Radio Receiver, this software defined receiver offers an easy to use software interface combined with very high accuracy.

This month's projects include a fun project to build, the Crazy Cricket, this compact unit, will emit a chirping sound when darkness falls, when light is returned, the unit becomes quiet and is great way to annoy friends. Also this month, for the car enthusiasts, a newly designed Oxygen Sensor Controller, this unit measures the air/fuel ratio and allows accurate tuning of your car's timing for optimal performance. Finally this month, an easy to build four-channel audio mixer, ideal for combining an MP3 Player, CD player etc, to a single amplifier. The construction details for the new PIC/AVR Programming Adaptor Board are also included this month. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

Part Code: SILCHIPJUN2012


  • New Microcontrollers
  • WiNRADIO Excalibur HF Receiver
  • Review: Agilent's 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyser


  • Crazy Cricket or Freaky Frog
  • Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller, Part 1
  • Mix-It: Easy to Build 4-Channel Mixer
  • PIC/AVR Programming Adapter Board, Part 2

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