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Silicon Chip July 2012

The July issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, includes a new Soft Starter for Power Tools. Also in this issue, we look at a new design for flashing school light signs, using a low cost design based on the PICAXE microcontroller. This unit costs much less than the standard full unit currently used by the main authority. Also this month, we look further into the Square Kilometre Array, why Australia missed out and the technology that will be used in the new array. Finally this month, an interesting article on recycling old CD or DVD Rom drives, these can easily be used for model plane motors and other applications.

This month's projects include a soft starter for power tools, ideal for circular saws, routers, angle grinders and electric drills. This reduces the inrush current and prevents the tool kick when the device is started. The unit is easy to build and can be housed in a waterproof box. Also this month a 10A DCC Booster for model railways. Most DCC units can only supply a few locos and peripherals, this unit supplies up to 10A and can be built inexpensively. Finally, this month a 6-Decade Capacitance Substitution Box, ideal for the experimenter, this unit offers values from 30pF to 6µF ,easy to build and is housed in an attractive case. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

Part Code: SILCHIPJUL2012


  • The Square Kilometre Array: Australia Misses Out
  • Modifying CD-ROM Motors for High Power Operation


  • Soft Starter for Power Tools
  • Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller, Part 2
  • 10A DCC Booster for Model Railways
  • 6-Decade Capacitance Substitution Box

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