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Silicon Chip February 2016

Silicon Chip - February 2016

The February issue of Silicon Chip Magazine is still available, in this month's issue build a Solar MPPT Charger. The unit features Maximim Power Point Tracking(MPPT) to ensure the maximim amount of power is delivered to the batteries in both light and dull conditions. The unit is suitable for solar panels of up to 220W and will work at both 12V and 24V. The unit also allows for the charging of both lead-acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Charging of lead-acid batteries utilizes a 3-stage cycle or bulk charging, absorption and float charging. The unit also incorporates a lighting controller for turning on lights at twilight or for a certain time period. The Solar MPPT charger is housed in a solid diecast box and utilizes through-hole components for easy assembly.

Also this month, the second part of the Valve Preamplifier project. This month the construction details for the housing are provided, together with details of improving the bass response. Finally this month, how to use the Micromite LCD Backpack, featuring a touch-screen display. This unit combines a Colour 320x240 LCD display with a 32-bit microcontroller running a BASIC interpreter. The unit is ideal for use as an instrument display or as a complete control unit with touch screen buttons on the front of the display. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month’s articles, a look at Defibrillators. These compact units can save many lives and have a higher success rate than normal CPR applied in emergency cases. This article looks at some of the units available and how they work. Also this month, a look at crowd funding and in particular the 'Joey' project. This compact board is an add-on display board for the Raspberry Pi mini computer. This article looks at how the funds were raised and the success of the board.

Part Code: SILCHIPFEB2016


  • Defibrillators Save Lives
  • Crowd Funding: Kickstarter & “The Joey”
  • Review: Keithley's 2460 Sourcemeter


  • Micromite LCD BackPack with Touch-Screen Display
  • Solar MPPT Charger & Lighting Controller, Part 1
  • Raspberry Pi Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Monitor, Part 2
  • Valve Stereo Preamplifier for Hi-Fi Systems, Part 2