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Silicon Chip December 2012

The December Issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, includes a very high accuracy, 2.5GHz 12-Digit Frequency Counter, the unit has an accurate internal timebase and also features an external timebase input which can accept 1Hz pulses from a GPS receiver for almost atomic clock accuracy. The unit has a range from 10Hz to 2.5GHz, together with a sensitivity down to 20mV for signals up to 20MHz. The unit is housed in an attractive plastic case and features blue 7-segment displays, the unit is ideal for the repair shop or design workshop. Also this month a USB Power Monitor, to measure the current or voltage to the peripherals connected to your USB port. This compact unit plus directly into the USB port and uses a large LCD display to show the current and voltage levels. This month also includes the construction details for the already popular High-Power Class-D Audio Amplifier, as well as the High-Energy Ignition System for Cars. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

This month's articles include a look at a 3D Printer that can be built at home and can produce objects of around 200mm cubed. The unit costs under $2500 and delivers remarkable results with 3D models of buildings and objects. Also this month a look at some of the new soldering tools and techniques available.

Part Code: SILCHIPDEC2012


  • RapMan: A 3D Printer that you can build from a Kit
  • Soldering: The Game is Changing


  • 2.5GHz 12-Digit Frequency Counter, Part 1
  • USB Power Monitor
  • High-Energy Ignition System for Cars, Part 2
  • High-Power Class-D Audio Amplifier, Part 2
  • Hacking a Mini Wireless Web Server, Part 2

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