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Silicon Chip August 2014

In the August issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine, build a Valve Sound Simulator, this unit simulates a typical valve amplifier without the problems of heat and fragility normally associated with valve amplifiers. The completely solid state design simulates the frequency response of typical valve amplifiers with mainly even-ordered harmonic distortion, as well as typical clipping on overload. Also this month, the new 44-Pin Micromite, this unit expands the number of I/O points available, with 33 I/O pins of which 13 are suitable for analog inputs. The unit integrates a USB-to-Serial bridge for programming and data transfer. The on-board BASIC interpreter provides an easy to program Basic Programming solution with many predefined commands for input and output. Finally this month, the Tempmaster Mark3 unit for controlling the temperature in a fridge, fish tanks, home-brew units and hatcheries. The unit will switch the connected load based on the setting of the unit. The improved design ensures reliable switching with hysteresis and an external temperature sensor. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month's articles, a look at the dangers of water pipes within the home and how they could become live. This article looks at the design of house wiring using the current M.E.N. Wiring System and how it should be checked regularly for safety. Also this month, a look the many different Digital Audio Formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA etc. This article explains in details the theory and performance of each of the different audio formats. Finally this month, a quick look at the Atlas DCA75 Pro Semiconductor Analyser, this unit quickly checks your transistors, Mosfets, diodes, LEDs and Voltage Regulators. Plus all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio are included, providing stacks of great reading.

Part Code: SILCHIPAUG2014


  • Your House Water Pipes Could Electrocute You
  • Digital Audio Formats Explained
  • Is Your Wireless Microphone Soon To Be Illegal ?
  • Review: Atlas DCA75 Pro Semiconductor Analyser


  • Nirvana Valve Sound Simulator
  • The 44-Pin Micromite Module
  • The Tempmaster Thermostat Mk 3
  • Build a Resistor/Capacitance Substitution Box

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