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Silicon Chip April 2012

The April Issue of Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine contains a wealth of interesting articles and projects, this magazine is ideal for the electronics enthusiast. This month's articles, include a brief explanation into what causes distortion in the mains AC waveform. The Maximite Mini Computer has proved very popular, this month we answer some of the most common questions we have received. Finally, a review of the new MikroElektronika PIC Development board.

This month's projects include a professional induction speed controller, this unit can be used for both single phase and 3-phase motors. This controller is loaded with features, with over-current, undervoltage and short circuit protection, Isolated mains circuitry for safety, adjustable speed ramp in both speed up and down modes, special pool pump mode and lots more. The unit is suitable for motors up to 1.5kW and is ideal for use with swimming pool pumps. Also this month, a simple soft-starter to reduce surge currents, when switching on appliances. Finally a 6-decade resistance substitution box, perfect for the repairman or developing new circuits. The month also includes the assembly instrations for the Ultra-Low Distortion Stereo Amplifier. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

Part Code: SILCHIPAPR2012


  • Why is the 50Hz AC Mains Waveform Distorted ?
  • Q & A on the Maximite Microcomputer
  • Review: MikroElektronika EasyPIC v7 Development Board


  • 1.5kW Induction Motor Speed Controller, Part 1
  • SoftStarter: Taming the Surge Current Menace
  • A 6-Decade Resistance Substitution Box
  • Ultra Low Distortion 135W Stereo Amplifier, Part 2

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