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Running Small Motors with PIC Microcontrollers

by Harprit Singh Sandhu

This book is an ideal starting point for learning to control motors using PIC Microcontrollers. Running Small Motors with PIC Microcotrollers is also perfect for those learning to program and control robots, as well as many other general applications. The book starts with the basics of the PIC Basic Compiler, the command set as well as programming. Then moves onto to introduce the timing and counting functions within the microcontroller. Writing and controlling a character LCD is also explained in detail. The operation of DC Motors together with encoders is covered, as well as stepper motors and solenoids. The code examples provided are all explained in detail, together with sample circuits that can be used in your design. The book is ideal for the hobbyists, learning to build and control robots as well as other motor control projects.



  • Great Introduction to Motor Control with Microcontrollers
  • Ideal for learning how to control DC Motors, Stepper Motors and AC Motors
  • Plenty of Code Examples and Circuit Diagrams
  • Most Projects use the same PIC16F877 PIC Microcontroller
  • Based on Readily Available PIC Basic Compiler
  • 334 Pages

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