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22 Radio Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius

by Tom Petruzzellis

22 Radio Receiver Projects Book covers a wide range of easy to build radio projects. This book first introduces some of the basics including component identification, reading schematics, building projects and soldering. Followed by a wide range of useful and practical projects including building AM/FM Radio Receivers, Shortwave Radio Receivers with Aircraft Band Receivers, as well as a number of interesting concept projects such as a Lightning Storm Monitor, Jupiter Radio Telescope Receiver and Weather Satellite Receiver. The book gives detailed instructions including schematics and parts lists, with background theory explained. Ideal for the hobbyist or experimenter this book will provide hours of enjoyment for the kit builder.



  • 22 Easy to Build Radio Projects
  • Detailed Instructions with Illustrations and Parts Lists
  • Background Theory Explained
  • Large Section of Links for Further Information

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