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Programming the Raspberry Pi - Getting Started with Python

by Simon Monk

Quick, easy to read, introduction to Programming the Raspberry Pi, this book is a good starting point for the beginner. Basic set-up of the Raspberry Pi is covered and then the book moves onto introducing Python Programming, with detailed information for writing your first program. All the necessary commands and methods are covered, with detailed information on connecting to the Internet. The book then covers, using the Graphical User Interface for accepting input from the user and also several basic game designs are covered, with plenty of code examples.

The final sections of the book cover real-world interfacing and applications. Detailed information is provided on connecting input and output to your board. A number of projects are included to improve your knowledge of interfacing, with a basic clock and a distance sensing robot. The Programming the Raspberry Pi book is a good introduction to the board and writing basic programs for using the features of the Raspberry Pi board.



  • Easy to Read, Basic Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
  • Introduces Python Programming
  • How to Use the Graphical User Interfaces and Create Fun Games
  • Interface to the Real World with Basic I/O, a Clock Project and a Basic Robot with Distance Sensing
  • 170 Pages - Softcover

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