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Programming Arduino - Next Steps

by Simon Monk - Second Edition

For those starting out with Arduino and have mastered the basics, this next level book, takes your learning a step further. The book teaches about the internal structure and memory arrangement of Arduino devices, together with how to write efficient programs and also low power operation of Arduino boards. The book includes many chapters on communication, so you will be able to interface using I2C, SPI, UART and also connect to 1-Wire devices. An excellent chapter on Networking is included, with information on setting up your Arduino board as a web server as well as being able to read Analog inputs and control outputs over the network. The book also covers Digital Signal Processing and writing code libraries to share with your friends or publish on the Arduino website. The second edition adds information on using ESP8266 and ESP32 boards, together with programming Arduino for the Internet of Things

The Programming Arduino - Next Steps book is ideal for the Arduino beginner, moving onto the next level. Plenty of easy to incorporate C program segments are provided together with easy to understand explanations.



  • Ideal for the Intermediate Level
  • Detailed Information on the Internal Structure and Memory Configuration of Arduino
  • Covers a Wide Range of Interfacing Techniques including I²C, SPI, UART, USB and Networking
  • Plenty of Example Code Segments with Explanations
  • New section on Using ESP8266 and ESP32 Boards
  • Programming for the Internet of Things
  • 296 Pages - Softcover

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