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Programming Arduino - Getting Started with Sketches

by Simon Monk - Second Edition

For those just beginning with Arduino, this easy to read, compact book is the ideal starting book. The book starts from the basics, with a look at some typical Arduino boards and the various sections on the boards. The book then moves onto installing the Sketches program and loading your first program. The next chapter, is an excellent beginners explanation of C language basics and how to write simple programs. The use of C functions, together with Arrays and Strings is explained in detail together with plenty of code examples. The book then covers basic Input and Output to your Arduino board as well as controlling a simple LCD Display. The latest second edition, also includes how to connect to the Internet and configure your Arduino board as a web server.

The Programming Arduino book is perfect for the beginner, the book can be completed in a couple of hours and will have you writing programs and experimenting with the board within a few minutes, without having to wade through large sections to get the information you require.



  • Excellent Beginners Book
  • Plenty of Short Code Examples with Easy to Understand Explanations
  • Explains C Language Basics for the Novice Programmer
  • Covers Use of Functions, Arrays and Strings plus Basic Input and Output
  • Interface with Displays and LCDs
  • Connect to the Internet for the Internet of Things applications
  • 176 Pages - Softcover

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