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Programming and Customizing the PICAXE Microcontroller

by David Lincoln - Second Edition

Now in it's Second Edition, this book is the definitive guide for learning about the PICAXE Microcontroller. The book starts with the basics of the microcontroller and then details the programming language used, with plenty of coding examples. All the typical interfacing requirements are detailed, including keypads, stepper motors, LED's, I2C, SPI and LCD's. A number of detailed projects are included, with circuit diagrams, parts lists and program listings. The book also includes an excellent section on data conversion and advanced arithmetic, ideal for students and hobbyists, new to using microcontrollers. For those starting with this microcontroller with is an excellent companion and will save a lot of time with heaps of information and examples included.



  • Excellent Introduction to Using Microcontrollers and the PICAXE
  • Plenty of Easy to Build Projects Covering Typical Interfacing Requirements
  • Detailed Information on Data Conversation and Advanced Arithmetics for the Microcontroller
  • Ideal for School, University and Real-World Monitoring Projects
  • 302 Pages

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