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Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments & Controllers

by Harprit Singh Sandhu

Interested in interfacing to the Real World, this book provides a wide range of solutions as well as a number of projects to develop interfacing examples. The book is based on the PIC Basic Compiler, and numerous code examples are provided throughout the book. This book first introduces the PIC Basic compiler, together with the command set. The book then moves onto timing functions as well as setting up a Real Time Clock. Interfacing to keypads as well as LCD's is explained. Eight useful practical projects are covered, with code and schematics provided. Build a tachomter, gravity sensor, touch screen, solar collector and much more. Making PIC Microcontroller Intruments & Controllers is a perfect introduction to building real-world projects and applications using PIC Microcontrollers.



  • Excellent Practical Hands-On Introduction to Real-World PIC Programming
  • Easy to build Projects with Complete Information
  • Plenty of code examples included together with detailed explanations
  • Covers interfacing to Keypads, LCD's, EEPROM's and Real Time Clocks
  • Ideal Book for the Beginner
  • Based on the Readily Available PIC Basic Compiler
  • 360 Pages

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