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Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE - 2nd Edition

by Simon Monk and Duncan Amos

Now updated and improved, the Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE book is ideal for the beginner and technician. This book starts with the basics for the very beginner, with an explanation of schematics and the various electronic parts. Detailed step by step instructions for the EAGLE program are provided from creating the schematic to the final pcb layout. The early sections of the book cover the preparation and editing of the schematic in the EAGLE program, then moves onto preparing the board layout ready for pcb production.

The next section covers the production of the board and the various methods available. A detailed chapter covers the soldering of the parts to the board and also the techniques for mounting surface mounted parts (SMD's). The final sections provide some excellent practical examples of developing and building electronic boards for an Arduino Shield board and also a Raspberry Pi Expansion Board. This pcb design book is a great way to start designing and making your own printed circuit board with the very easy to learn EAGLE PCB Program.

Part Code: PCB_EAGLE


  • Detailed Instructions for Installing the EAGLE PCB Program
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing the Schematics and Laying Out the PCB
  • A Section on the Component Selection Tool and Component Libraries
  • How to Generate Gerber Files Ready for PCB Production
  • In-Depth Practical Examples for Designing a PCB for an Arduino and Raspberry Board

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