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Hacking Electronics

by Simon Monk

Excellent New Electronics Book by the popular writer Simon Monk. This new book teaches both electronics and basic microcontroller programming with the Arduino Board in an easy to read book. The book is filled with practical projects, that can be constructed easily with no previous experience in electronics required. The book is in full color and includes the parts list for each experiment together with the programming code for the Arduino experiments.

This book starts from the very beginning, with the first chapter introducing soldering and using a meter. The next chapters cover the basic components and a little electronics theory. The book then covers Arduino programming, with instructions on installing the software and writing your first program. A large number of Arduino experiments are covered including running a stepper motor, using displays such as seven-segment LED's and intefacing with a wide variety of sensors, including Gas Sensors, PIR Modules and Accelerometers. The new Hacking Electronics book is ideal for the student or hobbyist, just starting out in electronics or Arduino Programming.



  • Ideal book for the Student or Beginner in Electronics
  • Clear Easy to Follow Instructions with Plenty of Pictures and Diagrams
  • Detailed Coverage of Arduino Programming and Plenty of Practical Examples
  • 274 Pages

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