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Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers

by Tim Wilmshurst

Ready to move onto the next level with your PIC Programming. This book is ideal for the serious designer or engineer, building real-world embedded applications. The book starts with programming using assembly language and then proceeds to discuss the various interfacing techniques and options available. A large section looks at the various data transfer options available together with timing and data acquisition. C programming is introduced in detail, combined with numerous code examples, together with code for the various PIC peripherals. Multi-tasking and real-time operating systems are also covered. This book is ideal for the experienced PIC programmer, looking to expand their knowledge and build real world embedded systems.



  • Ideal for learning to build real world embedded systems
  • Detailed Examples in both Assembly and C for interfacing the system with external equipment
  • Plenty of code examples with detailed explanations and practical advice
  • Covers the PIC16F84A, PIC16F873A and PIC18F242 Microcontrollers
  • All Code Included on the CD, together with a trial C Compiler
  • 556 Pages with CD

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