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Programming the BBC micro:bit

by Simon Monk

Programming the BBC micro:bit book is an ideal start-up guide for using the BBC micro:bit board. For students receiving their first board, this easy to follow guide boook will have you up and running quickly. The book starts with the basic concepts and then shows how to set-up the various software programs and then how to download your programs to the BBC micro:bit. A thorough covering of the MicroPython programming is provided together with a language reference. Later chapters of the book cover using the LEDs on the board and also the various sensors included on the board. The book is easy to follow and is ideal for the high school student.



  • Ideal starting book for using the BBC micro:bit board
  • Full set-up and program download instructions provided
  • In-depth coverage of the MicroPython programming language
  • Examples of using the on-board LEDs and Sensors
  • 165 Pages

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