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Arduino Robot Bonanza

by Gordon McComb

Great new robot book for the Arduino programming enthusiast. Packed with detailed instructions on building a wide range of robots, including basic line following robots, more advanced sensing robots, a robotic snakebot and a robotic arm. This book is packed with circuits, programming code and mechanical assembly instructions to easily build and develop these robots.

Arduino Robot Bonanza first introduces the basics of Arduino programming, with instructions on loading the software and writing your first programs. The book then moves onto interfacing and controlling various motors and sensors for your robot. Servo motors, dc motors, distance sensors, encoders are all explained in detail. The final part of the book covers building a number of different robots, including a teachbot, tunebot with music, snakebot with many different segments and also a robotic arm with gripper for picking up and moving objects.

The book is ideal for those wanting to build robots quickly and easily, without having to spend hours learning assembly and control programming. Ideal for the Arduino enthusiast to expand your programming skills into robots and building real-world practical applications.

Part Code: ARD_ROBOT


  • Quick, Basic Introduction to Arduino Programming
  • Build a Wide Range of Robots with Detailed Instructions
  • Learn about Servo Motors, Distance Sensors, Gears and Much More
  • Full Parts List, Program Code and Mechanical Construction Details Included
  • 400 Pages - Softcover

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