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Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius

by Simon Monk

Interested in being able to monitor and control various equipment over your phone, from anywhere in the World. This new book is great for those wanting to build remote monitoring and control solutions via the Android operating system and Arduino platforms. Build a wide range of projects, including TV Remote, Remote Temperature Logger, Home Automation Controller, Smart Thermostat and much more. This book gives all the necessary details to be able to construct these projects, with parts lists, schematics, Android and Arduino code. Construction is quite easy, with detailed information provided, easy to purchase parts are used and most projects can be built within a few hours.

The book is ideal for the Arduino enthusiasts, wanting to build some real-world examples and provide a good starting points for building large more complicated projects.



  • 12 Complete Projects with Circuit Diagrams, Code and Parts Lists
  • Introduces Android Programming
  • Simple Easy to Follow, Detailed Instructions
  • Great for Interfacing and Home Automation Applications from your Phone
  • 197 Pages - Softcover

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