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Arduino and Raspberry Pi Sensor Projects for the Evil Genius

by Robert Chin

New practical book for the beginner or student learning about Arduino or Raspberry PI boards. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi Projects book, is a great starting book and practical guide to building and testing a wide range of projects for these boards.

The book starts with an easy to follow set-up guide for your Arduino or Raspberry board. Followed by an introduction to the various electronic parts you will need for these projects as well as a quick lesson in the Python and C programming language used for these boards. A wide number of projects are covered with detailed step by step instructions provided. The full code listing of each project is provided together with a breakdown of the various steps and their purpose in the code. Build plenty of fun and interesting projects, including a light clapper, door alarm, fire sensor, collision alarm and how to use a TFT color display for output. Most projects are inexpensive to make and will provide many hours of learning and enjoyment.

The book is ideal for the beginner or as a practical course book for the student starting to learn about programming with the Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards.



  • Great Introductory Book for the Beginner
  • Full Code and Detailed Explanations Provided
  • Easy to follow, step by step guide to building the projects
  • Build a Fire Alarm, Motion Detector, Sound Detector, Collision Alarm and Much More
  • 227 Pages - Softcover

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