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Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

by Dr. Jack Purdam and Dennis Kidder

New practical Arduino book combines Amateur Radio projects with the new Arduino programming platform. Use your Arduino knowledge to build a wide range of useful projects for the Ham Radio enthusiast. For the radio hobbyists with no knowledge in microcontrollers or Arduino, this is a great way to start.

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio, first introduces the Arduino board, with a guide to selecting the board and setting up the software ready to program. The next section provides a quick and easy to learn guide for writing basic programs. The book then moves onto some great projects for the Ham Radio operator, including a Panel Meter, Morse Code Decoder, Computer Keyboard Encoder, Antenna Rotator Controller, Frequency Counter and a Portable Solar Power Source. Detailed construction details are provided for each project, with a full code listing, circuit diagram and parts lists together with suppliers for all of the items. Detailed construction information is provided with plenty of pictures and diagrams. Each chapter further expands your knowledge of Arduino programming together with practical technical know-how.

The book is ideal for the Ham Radio enthusiast, wanting to venture into the world of programming with Arduino. Build a wide range of useful projects that can easily be used in your base station.



  • Build a Wide Range of Useful Projects, including Station Timer, Morse Code Decoder and SWR Meter
  • Full Code and Parts Lists Included
  • Theory Explained and Detailed Project Construction Information with Diagrams and Pictures
  • Ideal for the Ham Radio Enthusiast as well as Practical Learning Guide for Arduino
  • 444 Pages - Softcover

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