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30 BeagleBone Black Projects for the Evil Genius

by Christopher Rush

If you are just starting out with the BeagleBone board, this book is a great way to start. The book introduces the board and helps with the setting up of the software and programming environment. The pin-outs of the board are explained in detail and a basic program is developed to understand writing the software for the board.

Numerous useful projects are then covered, with each section covering a particular application. The first section looks at LED's from the very basics, such as turning on an LED from the output pins to building a traffic light simulator. The next section looks at sensors, including vibration, sonar, temperature, light level and also GPS. Robotic projects are also covered including building a web-controlled rover. Display, Audio and Spy projects are covered in detail with even an intruder alert that gives a Twitter message, once movement is detected. The final sections include a basic introduction to the tools you will need and also how to solder.

The new 30 Beaglebone Black Projects book is ideal for the beginner, with simple easy to follow step by step projects to build a wide range of applications. Once these basics have been mastered, it is quite easy to combine the various projects to build even more complex applications.



  • Excellent Introduction and Beginners Guide
  • Detailed Instructions and Parts Lists for all the Projects
  • Numerous Useful Projects, including GPS Tracker, Web Controlled Rover, Internet Radio
  • Full Code Listings and Explanations
  • 146 Pages - Softcover

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