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30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

by Simon Monk - Second Edition

Excellent introductory book for the Arduino Controller, the book starts with the basic and shows how to program the device using Windows, Mac or Linux Platforms. The book then covers the basics of the controller and the programming language used. Experience is then built up with plenty of practical projects showing how to write the code and also the schematics for the circuit. Newly Revised to include the latest Arduino boards and support components.

Projects covered start from the very basic blinking LED projects, to more detailed LED projects, including seven segment displays, LED matrices and also Character LCDs. Sensor projects are also covered with keypad data entry, temperature measuring and USB Data Recording. Power projects include driving servo motors and fans, as well as interesting infrared remote project. This book is ideal for those starting with the Arduino Controller and covers the basics as well as the theory behind the code and the circuits provided.



  • Step by Step Programming Guide for the Device
  • Detailed Projects Including Schematics, Parts List and Code
  • Includes Light, Sound and Sensor Projects
  • Plenty of Code Examples that can be used with Other Projects
  • 191 Pages - Softcover

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