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ET-Z8051 Programmer and Debugger

Program and debug your Zilog® 8051 Microcontroller project with our ET-Z8051 Debugger and Programmer. This unit plugs directly into the target board for controlling and programming your Zilog Microcontroller. Works with the Zilog® Z8051 OCD Software and allows for single stepping through your program, viewing register values and also for programming the microcontroller. Find program errors quickly and easily, with this easy to use debugging tool.

Programs can be downloaded directly through the interface to your target board or microcontroller. Program execution can be initiated from the program and the various register values read and monitored through the software. Control program execution through the easy to use, user interface, with options for Breakpoints and Watch Values.

The ET-Z8051 Debugger and Programmer connects directly to your computers USB Port. A 10 pin connector then connects to the target board. The power source is taken from the target board and no separate power supply is required.

The ET-Z8051 Programming tool is the ideal debugging tool for developing your Z8051 applications.

Please Note: Z51F6412 Controller Board Sold Separately

Part Code: ET-Z8051


  • Dramatically Reduce Program Development and Testing Time
  • Single Step Through your Program and Monitor Register Values
  • Set Breakpoints and Watch Values
  • Works with Zilog Z8051 OCD Software
  • Standard USB Computer Connection
  • No Separate Power Supply Required Uses On-Board Supply
  • Run, Debug, and Link Activity LED's

Devices Supported

  • Zilog Z8051 Series of Microcontrollers