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Click for Larger Image - The Ultimate Prototyping Board

The Ultimate Prototyping Board

Now in stock, the Ultimate Prototyping Board for Arduino® Projects. This new prototyping board is ideal for developing and testing your Arduino® circuits and ideas. All the port pins from the ATMega Microcontroller are brought out to easy to connect header pins, making connection and testing a breeze. The board features a large protoyping area made from high quality pcb material with plated through holes and easily identifiable, silk screen labelled connections. The Ultimate Prototyping Board is also perfect for building permanent circuits and projects with all wires and parts soldered into place onto the board.

The Ultimate Prototyping Board includes all the necessary components to build Arduino® Projects, with the board coming complete with the ATMega328 IC with the Arduino bootloader installed. The various power supply components are also included, with the Voltage Regulator, DC Power Connector and supporting capacitors and diodes provided with the board. A Female Header is included for the port pins of the ATMega328 which allows wire connection to the pins of the microcontroller. A USB Socket is also provided for computer connection for programming and code development. Mounting Holes are also incorporated on the board for mounting in a project box or larger prototyping area.

Our new Ultimate Prototyping Board is the perfect solution for developing and testing your Arduino® Projects or as a more permanent solution for building an Arduino® Embedded Controller.



  • Ideal Prototyping Board for Arduino® Projects
  • All Port Pins brought out to Easy to Connect Headers
  • High Quality Printed Circuit Board with Easily Identifiable Pins
  • Double Sided Plated Through Holes on Prototyping Board
  • ATMega328P IC with Arduino® Bootloader Provided with the Board
  • All Necessary Power Supply Components Included
  • USB Socket Included
  • Board Dimensions: 152 x 81 mm

Parts Included

  • ATMega328P with Arduino® Bootloader Installed
  • High Quality Double Sided Ultimate Prototyping Board
  • 32 pin IC Socket for ATMega328
  • LM317T Voltage Regulator with Adjustable Trimpot
  • USB Socket for Computer Connection
  • DC Barrel Power Connector
  • Capacitors, Resistors and Diodes for Board Mounting

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Click for Larger Image - ATMega328 and Power Supply Components Mounting
Click for Larger Image - Rear Side of the The Ultimate Prototyping Board

Click for Larger Image - The Ultimate Programming Board

The Ultimate Programming Board

For the Arduino® Enthusiast, we have the Ultimate Programming Board for programming the Arduino® microcontrollers or systems, when they are mounted separately without the integrated download IC's as part of the system. This can greatly reduce the system cost and provides an easy to use alternative for programming and updating Arduino projects.

The Ultimate Programming Board plugs directly into our Ultimate Prototyping Board as shown above, and will allow programs to be downloaded and updated directly on the board. The Programmer Board is build on a compact double sided pcb, with USB Plug for cable connection to your computer. The board also includes the FTDI FT232RL USB IC for handling the communications between the board and your computer. Receive and Transmit LED's are also included for monitoring status of the communication. Easy to mount headers are also included for connection to the Ultimate Prototyping board and also external devices as required. The programmer is self-powered and a separate power supply is not required.

Our new Ultimate Programming Board is ideal for downloading programs and updating code on the Ultimate Prototyping Board as well as providing an inexpensive alternative to adding the necessary communications interface to each Arduino project.



  • Ideal Programming Board for The Ultimate Prototyping Board
  • Preassembled and Ready to Run
  • Program Directly from the Arduino IDE
  • Receive and Transmit LED's for USB Interface
  • FTDI FT232RL Included on the Board
  • USB Socket for direct Computer Connection
  • Board Dimensions: 85 x 18 mm

Parts Included

  • Ultimate Programming Board Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
  • 6 Pin Right Angle Female Header
  • 5 Pin Straight Female Header
  • 3, 4 and 5 Pin Male Headers
  • 2 Shorting Blocks for Male Headers

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Click for Larger Image - FTDI FT232RL Communication IC
Click for Larger Image - Receive and Transmit LEDs for the USB Connection

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