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Touch Pad - Momentary

Now Available our new Momentary Touch Pad with built-in Relay for switching loads. This compact inexpensive touch pad, utilizes the latest in Capacitive Touch Sensing technology, to provide a ready to run touch switch that can be used for turning on motors, gates and other momentary contact loads. The relay closes on touch and switches to an ON state. Once your finger is removed from the pad, the relay then opens. The operation is identical to a standard pushbutton.

The unit is fully self contained and requires no programming or software support. A separate 5V power supply is required to power the unit and for the coil of the relay. LED indication is also included to provide visual feedback once the pad is touched and the unit changes state. The output relay is capable of switching up to 5A at 30Vdc or 250Vac. Solid PCB terminals are provided for cable termination.

Our new Momentary Touch Pad is a great and simple way of adding a momentary switch to your control panel or for switching loads where only a momentary contact is required.



  • Complete and Ready-To-Run, No Programming or Set-Up Required
  • Utilizes the Latest Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology
  • Requires a Separate 5V Power Supply
  • Touch for ON, Relay Switches to OFF on Removing Touch
  • LED Indication for Touch
  • Ideal for use with Motors, Gates and other Momentary Contact Units
  • Suitable for Switching Loads of up to 5A @ 30Vdc, 250Vac
  • Board Dimensions: Pad 22.86 x 22.86mm, Unit Height 21.5mm
  • Mounting Holes: 4 x 2mm Diameter Holes centered at 2.54mm from the Corners