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Servo Board

Easily control up to 8 Servos with your computer, microcontroller or manual control with our Servo Control Board. This unit is compact and utilizes the new Zilog Z8 Microcontroller, with RS232, RS422 and RS485 Interfaces, for high-speed, accurate control of your servos. Great for animated displays or for use with robots, each servo can be controlled by standard signals sent to the control board.

Our Servo Control Board also includes on-board power supply with LED Indication. Selectable Voltage Reference for improved accuracy. Optional mounting area for an AC power supply. The board comes complete with Windows software for computer control through the RS232 interface, the necessary MAX232 is pre-installed. All connections are via standard polarized headers, with optional mounting for 75176 ICs for RS422 or RS485 Communication.

Our Servo Control Board is great for use in a wide range of applications, including displays, robots and remote control units.



  • Control Up to 8 Servos
  • Computer or RS422/RS485 Control or Manual Control
  • LED Indication for each Servo
  • Standard Polarized Headers for Each Servo Connection
  • Standard Computer RS232 Interface with Windows Control Software Provided
  • Easily Interfaces to most Control Systems, Minimal Control Overhead Required
  • Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Systems
  • 9 - 12Vdc Supply Required
  • Board Dimensions: 155 x 90 mm