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Solid State Relay Board

For high current applications requiring fast switching our Solid State Relay Board is ideal. This board is perfect for controlling lighting, valves etc, where high speed switching is required. This unit utilizes fast switching Triacs to control the load, with each channel suitable for switching up to 6A. Each output is easily controlled with a standard +5V TTL signal. This unit can be used with any of our control boards or with a computer control system.

The Solid State Relay Board features a high degree of isolation with the use of opto-isolators for isolation between control signals and output controls. Each channel includes an opto-isolator together with LED indication of channel state. Fuse protection is also provided to protect the triacs from overload. Heavy duty heatsinks are used, as well as high current pcb terminals for easy connection to external outputs.

Easily switch and control a wide range of mains devices with this inexpensive, fast switching Solid State Relay Board.

Part Code: SSRAC


  • Opto-Isolated For Improved Satefy and Reliability
  • Heavy Duty, Fast Switching Triac Output, Suitable for up to 6A
  • LED Indication of each Output State
  • Fuse Protected Outputs
  • Heavy Duty PCB Power Terminal Connections
  • Standard +5V input for use with Arduino boards and control systems
  • Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Systems
  • Board Dimensions: 155 x 125 mm