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Radio Modules

Transparent Wireless Data Link Module

Transparent Wireless Data Link Module

Our bestselling RS232 Connection Transparent Wireless Data Link module is perfect for inexpensive wireless high speed data communications between 2 points. This compact inexpensive unit is ideal for direct connection to your computer or through a control system for remote control, monitoring and data transfer. The unit features highly accurate and reliable data transmission methods with high data rates and a large transmission range. Data rates and data formats can be set with Windows software. Goto Transparent Wireless Data Link

arrowAlso Available: Standard TTL version for Microcontrollers


High Power Radio Data Transceiver

RGB LED Module

Now available the updated more powerful 433MHz Data Transceiver. The powerful compact unit is ideal for transmitting and receiving data over a long range, up to 300m for line of sight operation. The unit can send and recieve up to 115Kbps and is ideal for use in remote monitoring and data transfer applications. This compact transceiver is terrific value at only $ 14.90 each. Goto Radio Data Transceivers


868MHz Radio Data Transceiver

ZigBee Transceiver Module

New 868MHz Radio Data Modules, ideal for use in Europe, these compact, inexpensive modules are available as transmitters, receivers and transceivers. Ideal for use in remote control systems, monitoring applications, burglar alarms, robots and much more. The units can be easily interfaced to a microcontroller, and full instructions together with programming guides are available on our website. Goto 868MHz Radio Data Transceiver

arrowAlso Available: 868MHz Transmitters and Receivers