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2.4 GHz GFSK Transceiver Module

2.4 GHz GFSK Transceiver Module

Just arrived this great new Radio Data Transceiver operating in the 2.4GHz band. This unit provides extremely high data rates with up to 2 Mbps over short distances, making it ideal for interfacing to a computer or use in wireless headphones. Interfacing is quite simple, with a standard 4 pin SPI interface connecting it to most microcontrollers. The unit has low power conusmption, and a very small footprint, making it ideal for compact battery operated mobile equipment. All the mecessary features are included for the transmission and receiving of data, with checks and re-transmission of messages, in the event of sending/receiving errors.

The output power can be adjusted to increase the range or to reduce the power consumption of the module. The sending and receiving packet size is also adjustable to increase the throughput of the system. Our new 2.4 GHZ Transceiver Module is an inexpensive and easy way of adding high speed data transfer to a wide range of devices.

Part Code: RFM70D


  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • GFSK Transmission
  • Up to 2 Mbps Air Data Rate
  • Operating Voltage - 1.9V to 3.6 Vdc
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Programmable Output Power
  • Variable Payload Length from 1 to 32 bytes
  • Works with most Microcontrollers, standard 4 pin SPI Interface
  • Dimensions: Length - 16.8mm, Width - 12.8mm , Height - 3mm (Excluding Pins)

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