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Opto-Isolated RS485 to USB Converter

Need to monitor and send commands on a RS422 or RS485 bus, this handy converter unit can be used to read and monitor a RS422 or RS485 bus on your computer. Ideal for controlling equipment already using a RS485 bus, without the need to convert it to another system. Full opto-isolation is provided to protect your computer and also the data bus. Transmit and Receive LED's are also provided to indicate state of traffic on the bus.

The Opto-Isolated RS485 to USB Converter plugs directly into your computer's USB port and uses standard Windows® drivers to interface with the bus. Suitable for baud rates or 300 bps to 128 kpbs. A separate power supply is not required, as the units draws power from the USB Connection. This unit is ideal for monitoring and checking the signals on a standard RS422 and RS485 data bus.

Part Code: RS485_USB


  • Converts standard RS485 and RS422 Data Signals to USB
  • Plugs Directly into your Computers USB Port and is suitable for both USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • Full Opto-Isolation to Protect your Computers USB Port
  • Suitable for Data Rates up to 128 kbps
  • Transmit and Receive Indication LED's
  • Drivers available for download and suitable for use with Windows®