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PCB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PCB The following specifications define the requirements for single sided and double sided pcb's to be submitted to our production department. These requirements can be easily checked using your pcb program and the various tools included with the program,

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Are the double sided holes plated-though ?  

Yes, all double sided holes are plated through, allowing the circuit to pass from the top to the bottom of the board


Are the holes drilled and what are the standard drill sizes?  

Yes, all boards are delivered with the holes drilled. For standard drill sizes refer to the technical information page at PCB Technical Page


What color is the soldermask and is there other colors available?  

Our standard color for soldermask is green. We can also provide soldermask in red, blue or black for an additional amount.


What is the maximum size pcb you can produce ?  

The largest size pcb we can produce is 12" x 18" or 300mm x 450mm.


What size copper thickness do you use and are there other thicknesses available ?  

All boards are produced with 1oz copper, it is also possible to manufacture boards with 2oz copper for an additional amount.


What is the standard board thickness and can you produce 0.8mm thick boards ?  

The standard board thickness is 1.6mm , this provides a good balance between strength and weight. A thickness of 0.8mm is also available.


Is there are minimum order quantity ?  

No, we can produce from 1 to 1,000 boards. There is also no minimum order surcharge or additional fees.


How long does it take for the boards to be produced ?  

The pcb's are manufactured in 5-7 working days, depending on quantity.


Which file/Program formats can you accept ?  

We can accept designs in standard Gerber (RS274-X) format from any program or standard output from the following programs,
    - Protel (*.pcb)
    - Altium (*.pcbdoc)
    - ExpressPCB
    - OrCad
    - P-Cad
    - Pad2Pad
    - PowerPCB
    - Pads PCB
    - PCB Wizard
    - Proteus
    - Sprint Layout
    - Eagle (*.brd)


How do I place an order for my pcbs ?  

To order your custom made printed circuit boards, simply email us at "pcb@futurlec.com" with your pcb file, together with a copy of the pcb quotation from our pcb quotation tool at PCB Quotation Tool