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PCB Manufacturing Technical Information

PCB The following specifications define the requirements for single sided and double sided PCBs to be submitted to our production department. These requirements can be easily checked using your pcb program and the various tools included with the program,

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Track Sizes

Careful consideration of the current passing through the track needs to be made prior to determining the track size.

Minimum Track Width: 10 mil

Minimum Track Clearance: 10 mil


Pad Sizes

Pad sizes are determined by the size of the lead or device to be inserted in the hole, the larger the device leg the larger the pad, this will secure the device and prevent damage to the board or trackes if the device is moved while fixed to the board.

Minimum Pad Size: Hole Size + 20 mil

Minimum Pad Clearance: 10 mil

Minimum Pad Size for VIA: 40 mil with a Hole Size of 20 mil

Recommended Pad Size for Resistor/Capacitor: 62 mil with a Hole Size of 36 mil


Hole Sizes

Using the standard drill sizes as below, will ensure your board is produced quickly and accurately,

Minimum Hole Size: 0.6 mm

Maximum Hole Size: 6.6 mm

Standard Drill Sizes:  


24 mil

52 mil

84 mil

132 mil

220 mil

28 mil

56 mil

88 mil

140 mil

240 mil

32 mil

60 mil

96 mil

152 mil

242 mil

36 mil

64 mil

100 mil

160 mil

260 mil

40 mil

68 mil

108 mil

168 mil


44 mil

72 mil

112 mil

180 mil


48 mil

80 mil

125 mil

200 mil




The same font used throughout the board layout provides a professional and neat appearance on your board,

Standard Font: Sans Serif



A number of different board materials are available, our standard is

Standard Material: FR4 width 1.6mm, Board Width of 0.8mm is available on request