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New CAN chip from TI With Integrated CAN FD Controller and Transceiver

This system basis chip allows CAN FD to be easily added to a microcontroller and automotive network

Texas Instruments have introduced an automotive system basis chip that is the industry’s first to integrate a controller and transceiver for Controller Area Network with Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD). Designed to meet the high-bandwidth and data-rate flexibility needs of in-vehicle networks, the TCAN4550-Q1 uses the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus of most microcontrollers to implement, with minimal hardware changes, a CAN FD interface or increase the amount of CAN FD bus ports in a system.

Click for Larger Image - New Automotive LED Lighting Controller from Texas Instruments Previously, designers had to incorporate a nummber of discrete components into their designs or change microcontrollers entirely when upgrading to or expanding CAN FD functionality – which can be time-consuming and an expensive process. With the TCAN4550-Q1 system basis chip (SBC), designers can maintain their existing microcontroller-based architecture and incorporate the CAN FD upgrade or expansion in body electronics and lighting, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automotive gateway designs.

The CAN FD communications protocol builds on the original CAN bus standard (also known as "Classical CAN") to help ensure that automotive microcontrollers and connected systems can communicate effectively as the variety and speed of data rates throughout in-vehicle networks continue to increase and evolve. With support for data rates up to 5 Mbps and payloads up to 64 bytes, the CAN FD protocol empowers designers to move data quicker in their next-generation automotive applications.

Technical Specifications of the TCAN4550-Q1 CAN FD controller:

  • AEC-Q100: qualified for automotive applications
  • Functional safety quality-managed
  • CAN FD controller with integrated CAN FD transceiver and serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • CAN FD controller supports both ISO 11898-1:2015 and Bosch M_CAN Revision
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 11898-2:2016
  • Supports CAN FD data rates up to 8 Mbps with up to 18 MHz SPI clock speed
  • Classic CAN backwards compatible
  • Operating modes: normal, standby, sleep, and failsafe
  • 3.3 V to 5 V input/output logic support for microprocessors
  • Wide operating ranges on CAN bus
    • ±58 V bus fault protection
    • ±12 V common mode
  • Integrated low drop out voltage regulator suppling 5 V to CAN transceiver and up to 70 mA for external devices
  • Optimized behavior when unpowered
    • Bus and logic terminals are high impedance
    • Power up and down glitch free operation

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For more information on the TCAN4550-Q1 Automotive system basis chip, visit the TI website at TI TCAN4550-Q1 System Chip main page

The Texas Instruments website address is www.ti.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Texas Instruments - Release Date, 11th June, 2019]