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New Zero-Drift, Nanopower Amplifier from TI

The new LPV821 combines the highest DC precision with 60% less power consumption

Texas Instruments has released the first operational amplifier to combine ultra-high precision with the industry’s lowest supply current. With exceptional power-to-precision performance, the LPV821 zero-drift, nanopower op amp enables engineers to attain the highest DC precision, while consuming 60 percent less power than competitive zero-drift devices. The LPV821 is designed for use in precision applications such as wireless sensing nodes, home and factory automation equipment, and portable electronics.

Click for Larger Image - TI Releases New Zero-Drift, Nanopower Amplifier The LPV821 op amp is the newest device in TI’s low-power amplifier portfolio, which enables engineers to design lighter, smaller and more portable applications with lower-capacity batteries and longer system lifetimes.

Features of the LPV821 Op-Amp include:

  • Exceptional power-to-precision performance: Consuming only nanoamps of supply current, while providing the high-precision benefits of optimized offset, drift and 1/f noise (flicker noise), the LPV821 is extremely beneficial for applications where both precision and low power are essential system needs, including industrial gas detectors, field transmitters and battery packs.
  • Sixty percent lower power consumption: With best-in-class supply current of 650 nA, the LPV821 extends battery lifetimes and enables lower power budgets in precision systems than competitive zero-drift devices.
  • High DC precision: TI’s zero-drift technology delivers a low initial offset of 10 µV and an offset drift of 0.02 µV/°C, eliminating temperature drift and flicker noise, and enabling engineers to attain the highest DC precision and dynamic error correction. Additionally, self-calibration technology helps engineers save system development cost and speed time to market.
  • No duty cycling: Nanopower consumption enables always-on applications such as continuous and blood glucose monitoring, and other electrochemical cell applications. Additionally, the low supply current decreases the external circuitry required to turn the amplifier on and off.
  • High-impedance sensor operation: An input bias current of 7 pA and low flicker noise at 3.9 µVp-p enables operation with high-impedance sensors, delivering more accurate measurements in precision systems.

Engineers can pair the LPV821 op amp with the TLV3691 nanopower comparator or ADS7142 nanopower analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to program a threshold that will automatically wake up a microcontroller (MCU) such as the CC1310 SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz MCU, further reducing system power consumption.

Technical Specifications of the LPV821 Nanopower Amplifier

  • Quiescent Current: 650 nA
  • Low Offset Voltage: ±10 µV (Maximum)
  • Offset Voltage Drift: ±0.096 µV/°C (Maximum)
  • 0.1-Hz to 10-Hz Noise: 3.9 µVPP
  • Input Bias Current: ±7 pA
  • Gain Bandwidth: 8 kHz
  • Supply Voltage: 1.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Rail-to-Rail Input/Output
  • Industry Standard Package - 5-pin SOT-23
  • EMI Hardened

More information on the LPV821 Precision Zero-Drift Op-Amp, can be found on the TI Web site at TI LPV821 product page

The company's Web site address is www.ti.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Texas Instruments - Release Date, 6th December, 2017]