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New Smart Sensing Amplifier Includes Microphone Operation and Vibration Sensor

NXP’s New TFA9911 Amplifier Enables the Speakers to be used as a Microphone and Features “tap” Detection

NXP Semiconductors has released a new smart sensing amplifier, the TFA9911. Designed to make smartphones smarter, the new amplifier features a high efficiency class-D audio amplifier, sophisticated speaker boost and protection, and combines speaker sensing and processing algorithms to optimize recording and calling experiences.

The new amplifier provides smartphones with superior audio performance in noisy environments such as concerts or sporting events and enables loud and clear playback without saturating or distorting the sound. The new NXP device utilizes its speakers as microphones to improve the smartphone's recording quality. Also, the amplifier equips smartphones with a vibration sensor for reliable “tap” detection on both sides of the phone, for example users can tap their finger on the back of the phone to take a “selfie” with a single hand.

Features of the TFA9911 include:

  • Smart Amplifier - New speaker protection algorithms increase loudness while maintaining the audio quality at speaker limit capability.
  • Speaker-as-a-Microphone (SaM) - using earpiece or back speaker as additional microphones for excellent performance in loud and windy environments.
  • Speaker-as-a-Vibration-Sensor (SaV) - using speaker as vibration sensor for tap detection.

More information on the TFA9911 Smart Sense Audio Amplifier, can be found on the NXP Web site at NXP TFA9911 product page

The company's Web site address is www.nxp.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from NXP - Release Date, 23rd February, 2016]