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NXP Release New Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

Tags Enable Simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Pairing Via NFC

NXP have just released a new line of near field communication (NFC) tags, the NTAG21xF portfolio. Specifically designed for use in consumer electronics and mobile accessories such as headsets, sound bars and digital cameras; and wearable infotainment such as smart watches, the NTAG21xF portfolio provides a cost effective and flexible solution for pairing via NFC. The tags have an integrated field detection mode which switches on the accessory when in close contact with an NFC phone or mobile device, quickly enabling a simple ‘tap to pair’ connection.

With a large memory, from 144 (NTAG213F) up to 888 bytes (NTAG216F), the NTAG21xF products are able to easily cover both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing.

Features of the NTAG21xF Portfolio include:

  • Can be used in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics accessories
  • NTAG21xF series devices are NFC Forum Tag 2 Type compliant and work with any NFC-enabled phone
  • With field detection to 'wake-up' the accessory pairing is now intuitive and much easier. Users simple tap their phone to the accessory and pairing is complete
  • Additionally the NTAG21xF family offers the possibility to set the NFC tag into an non responsive mode therefore avoiding a bad user experience when the battery is running low

More information on the NTAG213F and NTAG21xF NFC Tags, can be found on the NXP Web site at NXP NTAG213F and NTAG216F product page

The company's Web site address is www.nxp.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from NXP]