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New Compact, High-Accuracy 12-bit Power System Monitor

The Maxim Integrated MAX22530 reduces the number of components required and improves accuracy by up to 50x

Maxim Integrated (now part of Analog Devices) have released the MAX22530, which is an isolated, field-side self-powered 12-bit system monitor used in the power industry. Featuring 4 channels, the MAX22530 provides isolated system monitoring to improve accuracy 50x and to reduce solution size by 40 percent by integrating five components into a single IC.

Automation system designers continually seek ways to save board space, increase channel density and improve the accuracy of monitoring voltage and current inputs, so operators can monitor the system with finer precision and reduce system downtimes. The MAX22530 delivers a remarkable 50x improvement in monitoring measurement accuracy (from +/- 50 percent to just +/- 1 percent) compared to the standard linear optocoupler isolation solutions made from discrete components. It uses Maxim’s unique integrated isolation technology that combines a 12-bit ADC, a DC-DC converter, user-settable threshold detection levels and chip-level diagnostic capabilities. This combination enables 50x greater stability in current transfer ratio performance to achieve an ultra-stable sense resistor voltage.

Maxim Integrated Releases Compact, High-Accuracy 12-bit System Monitor

“Our new MAX22530 isolated system monitoring solution simplifies the integration of this function in our customer systems and provides improved system monitoring accuracy of voltage and current inputs that result in better real-time decision-making to extend system productivity,” said Suravi Karmacharya, senior business manager for the Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated.

By achieving better measurement accuracy across four voltage and current inputs, the MAX22530 allows end users make better real-time decisions to improve system performance and enhance productivity. The integration also allows a much smaller solution size, with a footprint of just 250mm2, which is 40% smaller that the 420mm2 size for the closest competitive discrete solution.

The MAX22530 is the latest addition to the MAXSafe range of products from Maxim Integrated. MAXSafe products combine integrated and isolated micropower DC-DC converters and communications lines. They are used to power up field circuits that are isolated from the control-side power source while simplifying diagnostics in signal monitoring applications.

Features of the MAX22530 Self-Powered, 4-Channel, 12-bit, Isolated ADC

  • Enable Robust Detection of Multichannel Analog/Binary Inputs
  • Reduces BOM and Board Space Through High Integration
    • Field-Side Self-Powered with Integrated DC-DC Supply
    • 12-bit, 20ksps Per-Channel ADC
    • Programmable Threshold Comparators for each Channel
    • Isolation for both Data and DC-DC Supply
    • Integrated 1.8V Reference
  • Increase System “Up Time” and Simplifies System Design & Maintenance
    • Field-Side ADC Functionality Diagnostics
    • Field-Side Continuous Power Monitoring
    • Communication System Self-Diagnostics
  • Flexible Control and Interface
    • Programmable Upper and Lower Input Threshold Enable Programmable Hysteresis
    • Comparator Output (COUT_) Pins for Fastest Response
    • SPI Interface with CRC Option
    • Precision Internal Reference ±1% (typ)
    • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range
  • High-Voltage Binary Input

For more information on the MAX22530 Self-Powered, 4-Channel, 12-bit, Isolated ADC, visit the Analog Devices website at Analog Devices MAX22530 product page

The Analog Devices website address is www.analog.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Maxim Integrated - Release Date 8th June, 2021]