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New Battery Management IC Delivers Longer Battery Runtime from AD

The MAX17330 with AccuCharge technology improves charge and fuel gauge accuracy

Analog Devices have released the MAX17330 battery management integrated circuit with integrated fuel gauge and advanced battery protection for one-cell lithium-ion/polymer batteries that delivers longer battery runtime for consumer applications than alternative solutions. The new MAX17330 expands ADI's battery management portfolio, which already delivers accuracy for the automotive and industrial markets. Compared with similar products, the MAX17330 significantly extends run-time and monitors internal cell self-discharge hazards, while also reducing the size of single cell battery-powered products. ADI’s proprietary AccuCharge™ and ModelGauge™ technologies deliver high top-off charge and deep safe discharge, enabling longer run-time of medical and fitness wearables, home and building automation sensors, handheld computers and terminals. The MAX17330 also simplifies battery management for devices using parallel cells, such as foldable smartphones and tablets, as well as AR/VR smartglasses.

AD Releases New Battery Management IC Delivers Longer Battery Runtime

Conventional battery charger ICs implement techniques that result in inconsistent charging and consequently, requiring an additional margin for the battery protector. This limits the battery from being charged to its full capacity or maximum level. Similarly, most modern devices require multiple cells that are separated physically to manage the weight distribution for good ergonomics or user experience. This poses unique challenges while charging, as the batteries can have unequal impedances and can also be of different capacities and initial states. The MAX17330 addresses these challenges by controlling the charger using its integrated fuel gauge for each individual cell.

The MAX17330 offers 20 percent more accurate charging with AccuCharge technology, this delivers higher top-off charge for longer runtime. Also the integral ModelGauge m5 fuel gauge algorithm delivers 40 percent more accurate state-of-charge (SOC) readings; plus the EZ configuration eliminates any need for battery characterization. The MAX17330 is supplied in a very compact wafer level package (WLP), which integrates the battery charger, fuel gauge, protector and authenticator functions. The small package size reduces the total solution size by 36 percent when compared to similar solutions.

Features of the MAX17330 1-Cell Charger, Fuel Gauge, and Protector

  • Non-Volatile Programmable Stand-Alone AccuCharge Charger
    • 0.2% Charge Voltage 3.6V to 4.8V, Configurable
    • 1% Charge Current, 256 Current Settings
    • FET Temperature Limit and Heat Regulation
    • Prequal and Step-Charging Options
    • JEITA—6 Temperature Regions
  • Battery Health + Programmable Safety/Protection
    • Overvoltage/Overcharge-Current
    • Overcharge/Discharge/Short-Circuit Current
    • Over/Under Temperature
    • Zero-Volt or Greater than 1.8V Charging Option
    • Undervoltage + SmartEmpty
  • Pushbutton Wakeup/Factory Ship Mode (0.5µA)
  • ModelGauge m5 EZ Algorithm
    • Percent, Capacity, Time-to-Empty/Full, Age
    • Cycle+™ Age Forecast
  • Dynamic Power—Estimates Power Capability
  • SHA-256 Authentication to Prevent Cloning
  • Precision Measurement Without Calibration
    • Current, Voltage, Power, Time, Cycles
    • Die Temperature and two Thermistors
  • History Logging, User Data
  • History Logging, User Data
    • FETs Enabled: 28µA Active, 21µA Hibernate
    • FETs Disabled: 8µA Ship, 0.5µA/0.1µA Shutdown
  • 2-wire (I²C/SMBus™)
  • 1.9mm x 2.5mm 15-bump 0.5mm pitch WLP Package

For more information on the MAX17330 1-Cell Charger, Fuel Gauge, and Protector, visit the Analog Devices website at Analog Devices MAX17330 product page

The Analog Devices website address is www.analog.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Maxim Integrated - Release Date 15th November, 2021]