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Analog Devices’ Optical Sensor Improves Reliability of Gesture Recognition Applications

New solution ideal for touch-screen interfaces in difficult environments, such as high ambient light and wet conditions

Analog Devices have announced an optical sensor for gesture recognition, which improves sensing accuracy and reliability over existing solutions by measuring a subject’s position, proximity, and gestures from a single sensor.

Optical Sensor Improves Reliability of Gesture Recognition Applications Competitive solutions requiring multiple sensors are often inaccurate, as the sensors “see” objects differently from varying angles making the signals difficult to combine. The single-point sensing used in the ADUX1020 optical sensor improves reliability of the application and reduces design complexity and cost for the system developer by requiring fewer components. Gesture recognition is an emerging user interface method in building and industrial control panels, where a user interacts with a device simply by motioning or gesturing. It is especially important in situations where touch-screen interfaces are challenged, such as in wet conditions, when a user is wearing gloves, or when a control panel is difficult to reach.

In addition to single-point sensing, the ADUX1020 optical sensor features high ambient light rejection, which allows reliable and accurate operation under challenging lighting conditions. This too results in a more reliable application end user experience. Other optical sensors are often challenged by ambient light from sources like full sun, high frequency LED and fluorescents, all of which can disrupt the sensor’s ability to interpret gestures accurately.

Features of the ADUX1020 Photometric Sensor for Gesture and Proximity

  • Multifunction photometric sensor and signal conditioning
  • Fully integrated AFE, ADC, LED driver, and timing core
  • Usable for multiple optical measurement applications, including gesture control and proximity sensing
  • Enables an ambient light rejection capability using both optical and analog filtering
  • On-chip programmable flexible current sink for external LED
  • High sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • High resolution position measurement
  • Gesture recognition with 0.5 cm to 15 cm range
  • Proximity sensing to 20 cm
  • 400 kHz I²C interface
  • Gesture/proximity works under infrared (IR) transparent glass or other materials
  • Simple integration with optics; no need for precise alignment and no lens is required

More information on the ADUX1020 Photometric Sensor for Gesture and Proximity can be found on the Analog Devices Web site at Analog Devices ADUX1020 Product Page

The company's Web site address is www.analog.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from Analog Devices - Release Date, 21st June, 2016]