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Light To Frequency Sensor Board

Our Light To Frequency Sensor Board, Measures the frequency of each of the main components of light, Red, Blue and Green.

This unit uses the TCS320 IC from Taos. This miniature IC is pre-mounted in the base of the unit. Two additional white LEDs are provided in the base, to provide additional lighting if ambient light is insufficent. Output is provided on easy to connect headers. With frequeny output provided for each of the primary colours. These outputs can be connected directly to a standard +5V microcontroller.

The Light-To-Frequency Sensor Board can be used in a wide range of applications, from robotics to sorting systems. Ideal for use in laboratories and colleges, as well as standard OEM products.

Part Code: TCS320


  • Senses and outputs Light Frequency
  • Uses Highly accurate TCS320 Light Sensing IC
  • Infrared LED's for More Reliable Performance
  • Standard Headers connectors for easy connection
  • Standard 5V output for most microcontrollers
  • Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Systems
  • Board Dimensions: 150 x 55 mm

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