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3.5 Digit LCD Display Module

3.5 Digit LCD Display Module

This simple to build and operate 3.5 Digit LCD Module, is ideal as a display for many parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, pressure etc. It accepts a single-ended input, so is ideal to fit into a larger system requiring a display function. Input voltage extends down to -2.0V and up to +2.0V, for a display of -1999 and +1999 respectively. Decimal points and "LO BAT" indication can be easily turned on through a +5V supplied to the digital inputs for these points. The module operates from a single +5V supply and no negative supply is required. A backlight can also be fitted and installed as required. (Please Note: The backlight is not included in the standard kit, but can be purchased separately). Detailed instructions are included.

Part Code: LCDMOD


  • Operates from a Single +5V Supply
  • Suitable for Single-Ended Input
  • Input Range: -2.0V - +2.0V
  • Simple and Easy To Construct
  • Decimal Points and "LO BAT" can be easily displayed

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