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Discontinued and hard to find EPROM's from STMicroelectronics, National Semiconductor and Atmel. Limited stocks of the 27xx Series and the newer 27Cxx CMOS Series available. Goto EPROM Memory ICs

Limited stocks available for many discontinued EPROM's,


Standard 24Cxx, 24LCxx and 93Cxx EEPROM's for Data Storage. Available in DIP and SMD Packages for PCB Mounting. Goto EEPROM Memory ICs

Wide range of sizes and types available, from Microchip, Atmel and STMicroelectronics

Flash Memory ICs

Flash Memory ICs from a number of manufacturers. Large Memories that are easily erasable with fast access times. Goto Flash Memory ICs

Standard and High-Accuracy types available, fast conversion times with direct microcontroller interfaces,


Limited stocks of the discontinued National Semiconductor programmable ROM (PROM) chips, Goto PROM Memory ICs

RAM Memory ICs

Standard RAM chips used in a range of computer and embedded applications in the late 90's. Limited stocks available of the DIP package types from Hitachi, Samsung and Cypress. Goto RAM Memory ICs

Popular 62 series CMOS RAM chips with 5V operating voltage and TTL compatible outputs,