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ET-ARM Stamp

Our very popular ET-ARM Stamp module is ideal for the ARM language programmer. This Module incorporates the NXP LPC2119 Microcontroller, which is based on the high-performance 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S CPU Core. This microcontroller includes real-time emulation and embedded trace support, together with a whopping 128k of high access speed Flash Memory. This module really delivers with high 32-bit speed combined with a large memory area, together with a host of peripherals to support the most demanding applications, all at a very competitive price.

Programs can be downloaded directly to the module via a simple RS-232 Connection on the module, with easy-to use download software combined with the boot-loader already installed on the chip. Updates and program modifications can be completed simply without the need to remove or place the module in a programmer.

Also included on the module is 4 channels of 10 bit A/D Converters, 6 PWM outputs and 2 UARTS for easy interfacing to a computer or monitoring system. A total of 46 I/O points are included on the module, together with 2 CAN interfaces with filters. A number of power saving modes are also available to support battery operated and low power systems. Also included within the Microcontroller is a Real-Time Clock and Two 32-Bit Timers.

A number of software tools are available from Third Party Suppliers for code development in C or Assembly Language. Training and Development boards for this module are available from Futurlec.

Our new ET-ARM Stamp Module is one of the most powerful microcontroller modules currently available, ideal for a large range of applications requiring both high speed and large program memory. The ET-ARM Stamp Module combines a high performance microcontroller, together with standard interchangeability and rapid program modification via the direct RS-232 interface, in a very compact package at an unbeatable price.



  • Includes NXP LPC2119 Microcontroller with 128kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • 16/32 Bit Operation with a speed of up to 58.9824MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Program Download with RS-232 Connection
  • Up to 46 I/O points
  • 4 Channel 10-Bit A/D Converters
  • 2 CAN Interfaces with Acceptance Filters
  • 2 UARTS and Fast I2C, together with SPI
  • Two 32-Bit Timers with Four Capture and Compare Channels
  • On-Board Real-Time Clock
  • Power LED with Load and Reset Button
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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