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Distance Sensor Board

Just released, our new Compact Distance Sensor Board, this unit is ideal for measuring distances up to 210cm or 8inches. The board is fully self-contained and is ready to run, no programming or set-up is required. The unit is ideal for use in a conveyor system for object detection or mounted on a robot for measuring the distance to a wall or obstruction.

The Distance Sensor Board features a full digital readout of the distance, with the measurement information also available through either TTL or RS232, to connect to your Arduino Board or Computer System. The RS232 connection features an adjustable baud rate of 9600 or 57600 depending on the speed of your RS232 connection. Read commands can be sent through both connections, with the read distance available in a register on the unit.

The unit also features a special Distance Detection Mode, for indicating if the object is within a set distance. If the measured object is within that distance a binary output is available on the TTL or RS232 Connection, as well as the option of a buzzer warning, as the sensor comes within that range.

Our new Distance Sensor Board is ideal for a ready to run solution for distance measurement as well as an object detection unit in conveyor or process line systems.



  • Measures Distances from 3cm to 210cm
  • Accuracy to Within ±1.0cm
  • Digital Display of Distance Measured
  • Complete and Ready-To-Run, No Programming or Set-Up Required
  • TTL and RS232 Output
  • Adjustable Baud Rate for RS232 Connection
  • Distance Detection Mode for Indication or Warning if the Distance is Within a Specified Amount
  • Ideal for use with Arduino Boards or Robots
  • Board Dimensions: 85 x 44 mm